Our Organization

UTM was founded in 2019 with a focus on promoting initiatives that advance science education on the African continent. We leverage public engagement that lies at the nexus of research, arts, and social networks to drive an African-led effort in producing, communicating, and engaging in research, innovation, and technology development. UTM aims to encourage consumption of African scientific research, the development of homegrown solutions, and the collaborative development of innovations that address challenges both on the continent and beyond. In all our projects, we strive to create avenues for reciprocal learning between scientists and non-scientists or the public by promoting and celebrating global science causes, initiatives, and projects.


Making Science and Innovation in Africa a shared resource for progress and development.


Nurture African Science and Innovation with and for society.


  • Access for all

    We believe in a democratic science.We value all contributions and leverage talent and insights from all.

  • Equity

    We believe in equal opportunity for all, regardless of gender, age, beliefs, socio-economic status, ethnicity or ability.

  • Data Driven

    Nurture and encourage communities and governance towards data-driven and evidence-based decisions to promote meaningful and impactful actions.

  • Ubuntu

    We are driven by the spirit of Ubuntu, a Zulu phrase meaning, ‘I am what I am, because of who we all are.’ The spirit of humanity, communities, and interconnections is our backbone upon which we promote science for the benefit of society.

Issues we care about

  • Science for public good

    Cultivating science at the service of society, humanity and the planet.

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education

    Promoting quality STEM education that nurtures innovation and development.

  • Equitable Science

    Science-for-all that recognizes the culture, history, values, assets, and needs of the community and society.

  • Citizen Science

    Encouraging voluntary involvement of the public in scientific research.

  • Africa’s Research and Development (R&D)

    Strengthen Africa’s R&D landscape to breed sustainable home-grown solutions, build resilient communities and contribute to global innovation.

Our Approach

We use a four-pronged approach.

1. Educate

Knowledge is like a garden; if not cultivated it cannot be harvested. ~ African proverb

We develop educational resources and platforms where the public can engage with scientists. Our work supports community educational projects geared towards strengthening the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning ecosystem.

In this way we aim to enhance the availability of scientific knowledge and provide resources to African communities, thus contributing to putting in place a holistically-based education system.

2. Mentor

The death of an elderly man is like a burning library. ~ Ivorian proverb

Our mentorship platforms and programs provide guidance to and amongst young people; and reinforce science and innovation. There exists major systemic gender inequalities in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), therefore our work also has a keen focus and emphasis on fostering mentorship amongst women and girls.

We encourage solutions that tackle our current and future needs by supporting both the ecosystem in which ideas are generated and the individuals who generate them.

3. Network

A single stick may smoke, but it will not burn ~African Proverb

To accelerate science and innovation, we tap into the power of communities. We set great value on social networks and create platforms to catalyze exchange of knowledge, experiences and resources within communities. We aim to promote co-creation of knowledge so that it can be a sustainable part of the community's fabric.

4. Innovate

When one begs for water, it does not quench the thirst. ~Ugandan proverb

Africa is mainly perceived as a global consumer of innovation rather than a contributor. We strive to shift this narrative by highlighting and featuring innovations (and innovators) from the continent. We also aim to amplify and support existing innovations in order to nurture sustainable homegrown solutions for the issues we care about.