By Stephanie Okeyo

Explained by Yvonne Mburu

Technological advancement has led to deeper understanding in this area and more interdisciplinary research is being encouraged. Cancer immunology is at the core of understanding the interaction between cancer cells and the immune cells ; how cancer cells come to be and why the immune system has a hard time clearing them.

Yvonne Mburu is a cancer immunologist who has worked on Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) in simpler terms head and neck cancer, bladder cancer and she is the founder of Nexakili. Nexakili is a global professional networking platform for African professionals, African diaspora professionals and non-African professionals whose professional interests are dedicated to advancing healthcare and innovative medicine in Africa.Yvonne Mburu enlightens us on what this field entails, just what does a cancer immunologist do?? Check out the video below, let’s dive in.