Bintimaji & the Ocean

Did you know

Overproduction of plastic and non-recycling lifestyle has led to a plastic pollution menace and if the same trend continues it is predicted that by 2050 the oceans will have more plastics than fish (by weight)

Bintimaji and the Ocean is an environmental project that aims to create awareness of plastic ocean pollution; it’s effects and the role the youth can play in protecting the oceans. It’s format is a short animation that depicts a story of a young girl, Bintimaji,  who loves the ocean and is devastated by the high rate of plastic pollution by the locals. Bintimaji joins her new sea friends in a quest to save the once healthy oceans.

Bintimaji in Swahili means ‘Daughter of the Ocean’

Target Audience: School children

Engagement Channel: Screening in schools


Project Partners

Inkspace  Bureau- A collaborative startup of creatives who aim to disrupt and explore alternate expressions of digital and traditional art forms.